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We Do Private Parties !!
Birthday Party, Wedding, Grad night
This page shows examples of body art used for private parties,
holidays, corporate sponsored events and advertising.
Other ideas for body art include photography, plays, stage
performance, television and movie production.
All the products we put on skin are safe for the model.
How long the image has to last and if color is needed will
determine the appropriate product to use.
Things like surgical gloves and condoms are made of latex.
It is always best to test a product by placing a small amount on the skin
and wait a few hours if there is any doubt.
This gallery contains examples of hand painted tattoos and airbrush body painting.
Here at A Rainbow Studio, we use professional body paint
designed to produce the best results wile remaining safe for the skin.
The paint will last from 1to 5 days.
All temporary body paint can be easily removed
with alcohol or suntan lotion.
Also, chlorine in pools and saunas is no good
for any type of body paint.
Occasionally,we have the opportunity to paint large portions or even the entire body
for a special event,Halloween, video production,movies, or photo shoots.    
One of the latest fads from California is to paint clothes
on the body for a party or a night out on the town.
This is usually done by applying liquid latex on the skin first.
Although it is vary rare, a few people have a reaction to this product
They usually know if they are allergic to latex.