Our artists are able to do custom designs
but not copyright art such as Playboy Bunny, Superman logo, Mickey Mouse etc.

We can also work from cell phones if you have a design or want to look something up.
This is Jagua ink on the skin.
This is Jagua stain on the skin.
Jagua is the most recent temporary tattoo service offered by A Rainbow Studio.
Although it leaves a blue-grey or blackish stain on the skin,

Henna is never black. It is always brown.
There is nothing that changes the color of henna.

If someone tells you they have black henna,
they are putting something besides henna on your skin.
It is important to understand this because sometimes people use black (or color) hair die and call it henna.
Hair die has chemicals in it that can be dangerous for some people.
I'm sorry about the rant on so called black henna but I feel everyone
needs to be aware that not all products on the market are safe.

Jagua is an all natural product that is used in some makeup.
We mix the product so if you want to know what is in it, please ask.

If you are allergic to anything, sensitive skin,please let us know
so we can test the product before the Jagua design is applied..

Always ask questions, especially if someone is putting any material on kids.
The product comes from the eatable fruit of the Genia Americana tree found in rain forests
through out the world. Jagua stains the skin a bluish black color for about 1-2 weeks.
Now, back to Jagua.
The product comes from the eatable fruit of the Genia Americana tree found in rain forests
through out the world. Jagua stains the skin a bluish black color for about 1-2 weeks.
Everyone's skin and chemistry is different so it is difficult
to say how dark the stain will get or how long it will last.
The best results are when the material is placed close to the hands or feet where the skin is the thickest.
However, really good stains can be obtained in other locations such as the lower back, shoulder, arm etc.
One of the best ways to get the darkest
and longest lasting stain
from Jagua is to
leave the material on your skin as long as possible.
We suggest at least 4 hrs but 6-8 hrs is better.
Another way to get the most out of Jagua is to
avoid scrubbing the area with a wash cloth, or soap.

Soap dries the skin. When the skin dries, it falls off(ex foliate).
So it's better to use oils or moisturizers.
Finally, if you swim in a pool or jacuzzi,
it's best to cover the tattoo with Vaseline or Chap stick.

You can put oil and lotion on the tattoo any time
after you remove the Jagua.
~How to Take care~
Now that I have explained some facts about Jagua, let me tell you
how we will apply the material to the skin.
First, the area is cleaned with alcohol.
Then the design is drawn on or transferred to the skin with a Stablio pencil.

This step is to make sure the design is exactly  what the customer wants.
It's easy to change the drawing if it isn't quite rite.
Next, the Jagua jell is applied to the skin with an applicator bottle.
The area must stay exposed, without contact with clothes or water
for as long as possible and nothing touching the tattoo,
(like hair, shoe strap, purse etc.)
until the material is removed at
least 4 hrs after it is applied.
Jagua looks like jelly when it is first put on the skin.
It is extremely easy to smear and it will stain everything it comes
in contact with including clothes and furniture so be careful.

After about 1 hr., the tattoo will dry to the touch,
then you won't have to be so careful with it.

Even though the Jagua is dry to the touch,
it must be completely removed before going to sleep.
If it isn't taken off, there is a good chance it will smear on the sheets and stain other parts of the body.
There is no way to correct this if it happens. You can only wait until the skin wears off. So please be careful.
~There are two ways to remove Jagua ink~
You can simply let the material fall off on it's own.
Don't peal it off because it will leave a space in the design.
Or, if it is really stuck, gently rub water on the area and loosen the Jagua.

If you use water from the sink, shower or jump in the ocean, make sure
the material is completely off the skin.
If any of it stays any were on the skin, it will stain.
Don't use soap or a rag, just your hand.
You need to feel it and it feels sticky.
It's like having pineapple juice really stuck to your skin.

You need to get the sticky part completely off your skin.
It is most important that none of it remains on the skin.
So please be careful.
If you can't easily reach it, because of where the design is on your body,
get someone to help remove it if you can.

If you can't find someone,then use a towel but make sure you get
the material completely off your skin. Use lots of water.
When the Jagua staining agent (Pic.#1) is removed,
the tattoo will disappear completely or it will be vary light. (Pic.#2)

In about 10 to 24 hrs the stain will be dark. (Pic.#3)

Usually 48 hrs after it is applied, the stain will be as dark as it will get
and it should last 1 ~2 weeks.
Jagua stains both dark and light skin equally as well. The difference is the contrast.
I am including some samples of Jagua so you can get an idea of what it looks like
when it is applied to the skin and when it has stained the skin.
We have a lot of designs to choose from at our shop.
Jagua is drawn directly on the skin without a stencil.
Be careful 1hr.
Wash before you go to bed
After washed
Will be dark in 10~24 hr.