We offer a safe black all natural plant based product called Jagua. It stains the first layer of skin.
Like Henna, it normally lasts about a week or two. Either product will only do what is natural for each individual.
There is no way to make the stain last longer or get darker.

             There are limitations to these products but they are safe. So enjoy!
Henna has been used to decorate the body for thousands of years.
The art of applying Henna to the skin is called Mehndi; commonly pronounced mendy.
Henna is a plant grown throughout the middle east,
Asia and northern Africa.

The leaves of the plant are ground into a very fine powder,
mixed with Eucalyptus  oil, lemon juice and sugar.

This mixture is put in an applicator bottle and the
design is
drawn on the skin.    
The design can be anything; original art from the customer,
traditional Mehndi designs or one of hundreds
of designs in our library.

Heat from the day and body heat help to make the stain
come out better.
Henna stains the top layer of the skin only.
This is the layer of skin that everyone eventually sheds off.
Therefor, it is a safe product for everyone including children.

However, If you have sensitive skin, please let us know
so we can test the product before the Henna design is applied.
It may come off by its self. If not, it can be brushed off
by hand over a trash can, in a sink or out side.

Also, it is easily removed during a shower.
Try not to rub the area hard to remove the Henna paste.
Instead, gently rub with your hand or just let the water take it off.
Once the paste has been removed, there will be a very light,
bright orange stain left on the skin.

About 24~48 hours later the stain will  be brown.
The darkest stains occur where the skin is
thickest; around the hands and feet.
First we apply the Henna to the skin
and then blow dry it with a hair dryer for a few minutes.

Next we give you a small package with lemon juice and a cotton ball in it.
Take the cotton ball to the top of the package, squeeze so the lemon juice
isn't too wet and apply the moist cotton ball to the entire Henna tattoo
at least 3 or 4 times, once every 20 to 30 minutes.

Leave the Henna paste on the skin as long as possible.
It takes time for the material to stain the skin.
Usually at
least  4hrs., but the longer the better.
It is good to put oil such as sun tan lotion or body oil on the henna tattoo after the paste is removed.

If the area is exposed to chlorine, in a pool or  jacuzzi, it is best to protect the tattoo with
Vaseline or Chapstick. It is alright to shave over the Henna tattoo, just be gentle.
Henna produces a brown stain on the skin that lasts about a week or two.
If it lasts longer, it is very unusual but it will eventually
disappear completely.

I have heard that Henna tattoos last 6 months: they don't!
Also, people have told me that Henna is black: it isn't!
~How to Take care~
This is how we suggest you take care of your Henna tattoo.
If henna is applied at night,then it is best not to remove the paste until the next morning.