Here are samples of airbrush designs on different garments.
I use a professional fabric paint and seal it with heat.
The heat press is set at 375 degrees F for 1 min.
That really locks the paint into the fabric and makes it machine washable.
However, it’s best to hand wash and hang dry. Machines destroy the clothes faster.
Most of the original artwork I do is on T-shirts; cotton or cotton blend.
Sometimes people bring other material like Denim they want me to paint on.
I love to create my original artwork on different surfaces but not every material will work.
The only rule is the fabric has to be heat sealed if you want to wash it.
If it is just for display, then anything works as long as it is not water sealed.
Dark and black clothes are more challenging and they take more time to produce.
Because of the time and material cost, they are more expensive.     
   All of the designs you see here were custom orders From people all over the world.
If you travel to sunny Waikiki, in exciting Honolulu, on the beautiful island of Oahu,
Hawaii and you looking for a unique memory for your collection or an exclusive gift for
someone special, I can work with you to create the perfect one of a kind, mind-blowing
design. Also, I will ship it anywhere for you.
I hope you enjoyed this gallery as much as
I did creating each design. Please feel free to make comments or suggestions.
Thank you.