Souvenir Surfboards
~Airbrush Custom surfboards~
~Wood burned custom surfboards~
I love living by the ocean. I have been painting beach scenes throughout my 35 year career.

I am influenced by the fantastic colors and light in the sky; especially clouds.
With my art I hope to convey a feeling of something you can relate to in your imagination.

It's not the wave you saw that time you stood on the shore at Waimea Bay.
It's the perfect wave you see every time you close your eyes and dream about the ocean.

The sunset and the colorful clouds that dance across the sky at twilight exist only in a fantasy.
The designs are painted on small wooden surfboards of different sizes.

Most are 20in. long x 5in. wide (50cm x 13.5cm).

I can add names or a special message to the image or create
something specific for an individual like the VW van on the beach.

The van design took about 5 hours to complete.
Because they can be personalized with names, messages,
a specific location, person, or family pet, they make great gifts
for someone special. Also, airbrush artwork adds a lot of color  
anywhere it is displayed.  
After the stain is completely dry, a clear coat is applied
to the entire surfboard.
That adds an extra layer of protection.
Also, the clear coat really enhances the  grain pattern and
makes the design stand out.

Because the wood is completely sealed, this hand made design
will easily pass any postal inspection.
Because the surfboards are light weight they are relatively easy
and inexpensive to mail anywhere around the world.

They can usually be delivered to the mainland and Canada
in 3 to 5 days.The shipping is around $15.00.

To Europe or Asia, allow about a week and a half for delivery.
The shipping runs about $30.00.
Here are 3 different beach scenes. The mountain is Diamondhead; a Waikiki beach landmark.
A name was added to the sunset design on the right.
Adding a name to a design only takes a few minutes. But it takes one hour for the clear coat to dry.
All of the airbrushed surfboards are clear coated on both sides.
Once they are completely sealed, they can't be damaged by mold or termites.
Finally the wire hanger is screwed into the back and it is signed and dated.
If you would like to purchase one of the standard designs, they start at $60.00.
Custom artwork starts at $75.00.
The friend's head is added onto the silhouette of the surfer in the
background. This entire painting is from my imagination.

I decided to have him buried in the sand in order to solve the problem
with size. I wanted the head to be as big as possible and still be
This is a custom memorial design.
The artwork came from the unique cross and feather tattoo
he had on his arm honoring his grandfather.

Because the cross in the picture is distorted, I re-drew it on tracing paper.
I added the feather and lettering then transferred the design
to the bare wood surfboard.

The artwork took about two hours to complete.
This is a specific landmark .
Chinaman's Hat is on the island of Oahu where I live.

I painted the sun and moon in the same sky.

I have always thought it is so surreal when this happens in nature.
It's both day and night; the beginning of twilight.
This is the BIG KAHUNA.
Kahuna has different meanings.
Technically it means the king or keeper of knowledge.
Other meanings include surfer (beach bum) or Free spirit.

The skull torch lites up the beach at night.
But also lights the wooden tiki  on fire.

This is a caricature. It is meant to be a joke.
The designs on this page show how different beach scenes can be.
They're more than just sunsets and waves.
This is what I see when I close my eyes and escape from reality.
I have been painting with an airbrush for over 35 years.
Lately, I'm painting landscapes mostly from my imagination.
The images are inspired by the amazing natural beauty of the Hawaiian islands.
Please enjoy my artwork and feel free to comment on anything you see.
Also, if you would like to inquire about purchasing my original art or having a custom design
made especially for you or someone special in your life,
please contact me by email or by phone: (808)221-5405.
A guest asked me to create a personal memory of his first time
here in Hawaii.
This is the custom portrait design on a surfboard I created.

I have include the transfer tracing to show more of how I create
my original artwork. To get the reference I needed,
I took a photo of the customer and his friend with my cellphone.
The surfboard designs are actually burned into the wood.
Each one is an original work of art that takes about 5 hours total
to complete including drying time for the stain coats.

The blank surfboard is sanded and a clear prep coat is applied
to both sides by the artist in order to seal the wood.
The original artwork is carefully transferred onto the wooden surface.
Stains that are used are custom mixed to bring out
the woodgrain and slightly darken the wood.

If no stain is applied the wood is lighter but it is still sealed
to protect it against termites and mold.
Then the unique design is precisely burned into the wood
using a wood burning tool.

After burning the custom artwork into the surfboard, the stain is applied.