This is Jagua ink on the skin.
This is Jagua stain on the skin.
We get the raw ingredients from reputable dealers and mix the Jagua here at A Rainbow Studio.
The formula we use is based on our research and consulting with experts.
Henna works best around the hands and feet.
Jagua works anywhere on the body.
I think it's really important to inform people about Jagua.
You should always ask questions especially
if the temporary tattoo is for kids.
After it is imported to the U.S.A.
we purchase it by the gallon and it is shipped to A Rainbow Studio here in Hawaii.
It's like grape juice and we mix it with
Eucalyptus oil, Potassium Sorbate (a preservative), citric acid
and Xanthan gum (a thickening agent found in Jello).
Not only at the pools and beaches on the islands but all of the other outdoor daytime activates you go to.
It gets incredibly hot here especially in the summer.
Please take care of yourself and especially your little ones.
The product comes from the eatable fruit of the Genia Americana tree found in rain forests
throughout the world. Jagua stains the skin a black color for about 1-2 weeks.
This is the best way to take care of your Jagua temporary tattoo.
We've done a lot of research and have used Jagua in this environment for years.  
Everyone's skin and chemistry is different
so it is difficult to say exactly how dark the stain will get
or how long it will last.

The following instructions will help you get the best results
from your Jagua temporary tattoo
The darkest stains are close to the hands or feet where the skin is the thickest.

However, you can get really good dark  Jagua tattoos on all other body parts
such as the lower back, shoulder or arm like the Polynesian tribal design above.
Another way to get the most out of Jagua is to
avoid scrubbing the area with a wash cloth, or soap.
Soap dries the skin. When the skin dries, it falls off(ex foliate).
So it's better to use oils or moisturizers.
If you swim in a pool or jacuzzi,
it's best to cover the tattoo with Vaseline or Chap Stic
~How Jagua is applied~
Now that I have gone over some important facts about Jagua,
let me tell you how we will apply it the to the skin.
After all, a Jagua temporary tattoo is a 1-2 week commitment; so choose wisely.
It's easy to change the drawing at this point
if it isn't absolutely what you are looking for.
3. Next, the Jagua ink is applied to the skin with an applicator bottle.
        It's not a needle and will never penetrate the skin.
You have to remove the Jagua ink completely before it's covered with clothes,or you go swimming.
Definitely remove the product totally with only water before you sleep.
This is most important! Please continue reading.
I've given you a lot of information but only 2 things matter:

1. Don't touch it until it is dry in about 1 hour
Wash the Jagua ink completely off your skin before you sleep.
 Do these 2 things right and no matter what it looks like it will work very well for you.
Jagua stains both dark and light skin equally as well. The difference is contrast.
I have including some samples of Jagua on this page so you can get an idea of what it looks like
when it is applied to the skin and when it has stained the skin.
Be careful 1hr.
Wash before you go to bed
After washed
Will be dark in 10~24 hr.
Jagua stain
Jagua ink
~How To Remove Jagua ink~
Sometimes the Jagua ink will completely dry and start to fall off by itself.
If this happens don't peel it off because it will leave a space in the design.
Just let it fall all the way off by itself.  
It's best to use a lot of suntan lotion, oil, cream or anything else to keep your skin moist.
When the skin dries it falls off. Skin lotions and oils will help the Jagua tattoo last longer
If you need help, please go to the contact page. We are happy to answer your questions.
Feel free to leave comments about anything on this website.
Take care and keep spreading the Aloha
Jagua is not Henna.
They both are made from plants
that come from different parts of the world.
And they stain the top layer of the skin in their own distinct way.
Jagua stains a black color and  Henna is brown.
Sometimes people at other shops say they use Black Henna.
Actually, they could be using hair die

and calling it Black Henna.
The artists at A Rainbow Studio will explain to you
what the products are and how they will work for you.
Jagua is an eatable fruit and the producer processes it in Panama.
The Genia Americana tree produces a grapefruit sized purple fruit.
This is what stains the skin black for about a week or two.
Jagua works really well here at Waikiki Beach
because you can put oils like suntan lotion or moisturizers

on the temporary tattooand it actually last longer.
Let's face it Honolulu, where Waikiki Beach is located,
on the island of Oahu, Hawaii is actually near the equator.
You need to protect yourself from the intense sunlight.
1. First, the area is cleaned with alcohol.
2. Then the design is drawn or transferred to the skin with a Stablio pencil.
The artist can draw an image from our extensive design library,
a cell phone or your own original artwork.
This step is to make sure the design is exactly what you want and where you want it.
The area must stay exposed for as long as possible.
We suggest at least 2 hours but 4 or more is better.
Jagua looks like black jelly when it is first applied to the skin.
It's raised up and shinny for about 1 hour; sometimes longer.
t's extremely easy to smear and will stain other body parts, please be careful.
After about an hour the tattoo will dry to the touch.

When the Jagua ink is dry, it will be dull and no longer raised up. Then you won't have to be so careful.
1. To remove Jagua ink all you need is water.
You can use a sink, shower or jump in the ocean; which ever is easier.
2. Soak the area for about 10-15 seconds.
Then start rubbing the Jagua tattoo with your hand ONLY, not soap or a wash cloth.
Just your hand and just water. It's going to feel slimy or sticky.
You have got to be sure you get the Jagua ink completely off your skin and your hands too
before you sleep or cover it.
3. The ink will disappear but you MUST keep rubbing the tattoo until you only feel water;
you don't feel slimy or sticky on your skin any more.
It's really important that you only feel water. So don't use soap or a wash cloth.
You have to feel it. You won't be able to see it.
Don't give up! Keep rubbing until you're positive you only feel water.
This is MOST  important! WARNING: small jagua tattoos are really hard to feel so be careful.
Also, if the area is hard to reach try to find someone to help you. If no one can help, use a wash cloth but be very careful.
When the Jagua ink (Pic.#1) is removed the tattoo
will disappear completely or it will be vary light. (Pic.#2)
   In about 10 to 24 hrs the stain will be dark. (Pic.#3)
Usually 48 hrs after the Jagua ink is applied, the stain will be as dark as it will get and it should last 1 ~2 weeks.